Download Fouad Mod WhatsApp Terbaru 2022 Official Anti-ban

For you fans of Mods of WhatsApp, have you heard of Fouad WhatsApp? Yes! Fouad WhatsApp is one of the most popular mods of the original WhatsApp recently. The developers created the best quality and proved that the application has advantages in providing various functions. Therefore, many people are more and more interested in using Fouad WhatsApp, and also have more problems. What features does this cool application provide? Which link should users go to to download the Fouad WhatsApp APK application? Well, if you are curious, please continue to read from this complete article!

Fouad Mod WhatsApp Download 2022

Click here to Download Fouad Mod WhatsApp Terbaru 2022 from the official website

What is Fouad WhatsApp?

In an age of increasing complexity, WhatsApp is a popular communication medium that everyone uses. From students doing online learning from home to office workers. But since the original WhatsApp offers limited features, many people prefer the mods of WhatsApp, which offer more interesting features. One of the mods for the best WhatsApp of 2022 is Fouad WhatsApp. So, you can think of Fouad WhatsApp as a better alternative to the original WhatsApp. To give you more insight into the capabilities provided, see the instructions below.

The Special Features of Fouad WhatsApp

Mod app modified by the developer always have an advantage over the original WhatsApp. What features would you benefit from using the Mod version? Let's discuss.

Complete security

The most important major feature is security, because basically the security in the original version is very low. Unlike using the Mod version of the Fouad WhatsApp APP, you can lock the app to chat with certain contacts you specify.

Therefore, for those who want more security, you can take advantage of the functionality provided by Fouad Mod WhatsApp Terbaru.

An attractive appearance

Other features that Fouad WhatsApp offers are a collection of over 100 topics that you can apply. This is interesting because the monitor you can use is different from the usual monitor.

You can also choose topics as needed to make using this application fun but not boring. In addition, the app offers a variety of emoticons and stickers to add fun while chatting.

Shortcut function

The benefit of this feature is that if you have an emergency and are unable to reply to a chat, you can use the shortcut feature, which is a voice message function. If you are using the original WhatsApp, you have to long press the length of the voice note you want to send in order to record your voice. However, this is not the case in Fouad WhatsApp. When you are using Fouad WhatsApp, simply touch the voice prompt symbol on your smartphone to record your voice immediately. When you're done, simply press it again to stop recording your voice. Interesting, isn't it?


Developers must create this optimal feature before releasing Fouad WhatsApp. Basically your account will not be blocked because the Fouad WhatsApp APP has an anti-ban feature embedded.

For this reason, you don't have to worry if one day your account will be blocked and you won't be able to operate it again. All you have to do is update the update to maintain the security of your account.

Full privacy features

This feature allows you to hide your online status, typing, blue tick and checklist. Sometimes we need features like this to keep our communication easy.

Basically, everyone wants time alone (me time), without any calls from relatives or loved ones. Well, you can make use of this function.

Sending images in batches

For this function, you can send documents, images or videos with just one send. There is no need to remember which images have been sent or not yet sent. You can send a large number of images in a single message, up to a maximum of 90 images.

Anti-delete messages

Do you want to know how to see messages you haven't read but which have been deleted by the sender? You can use this function to prevent the deletion of messages.

Even if the message has been deleted, it will still appear on your phone. This is one of those features that many people like because they don't want to die of curiosity because of messages that have been deliberately deleted.

How to installation Fouad Mod WhatsApp Terbaru

It can be said that Fouad Mod WhatsApp Terbaru has a lot to offer, both in terms of functionality and design. Among the many existing mods for WhatsApp, Fouad Mod WhatsApp Terbaru has a unique appeal for its users. The reason for this is the much superior features of Fouad Mod WhatsApp Terbaru. However, the installation process of Fouad Mod WhatsApp Terbaru does differ from the original WhatsApp. It is therefore important to understand the following steps.

  • First, you must first complete the download of the Fouad WhatsApp APK Latest Version
  • After that, if successful, please go to the settings menu or setup
  • Click on the additional settings menu
  • Then click on Privacy
  • You need to have activated Unknown Sources in order to be able to install the application
  • The next step is to open the file manager and look for the Fouad WhatsApp APK you downloaded earlier
  • Select the Fouad WhatsApp APK and click on the Install button
  • Wait for the installation process to complete

Fouad Mod WhatsApp Terbaru is really interesting because Fouad Mod WhatsApp Terbaru offers a much more complete set of features and they are not found in the original WhatsApp. If you are curious about the features included, then you can download it now.

How to discover Fouad WhatsApp latest version

It's true that some people never care about the version of the app. Although each version of Fouad WhatsApp offers very good features, not updating it for too long may result in you not enjoying the more convenient features. Worse still, your data may be lost.

For this reason, you must be smarter and check the version of the app first to avoid repeating the download and installation process. How to check the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp yourself is easy, and if you don't know how, then you can read the guide below.

  • In the first step, you enter Fouad WhatsApp.
  • Now, once you have successfully entered the main menu, press the three dots in the top right corner.
  • You then select Settings or Setup, please slide to the bottom to find the Help option.
  • After that, you press Application Info again and now you know the version of the application.
  • You can even update it automatically there.

Perhaps you can now know the version of the application because you have followed the tutorial correctly and properly.

Other Mods of WhatsApp

Of course, Fouad WhatsApp is not the only WhatsApp mod you can choose from. There are other very good mods for WhatsApp, such as

  1. WhatsApp Plus
  2. YoWhatsApp
  3. FM WhatsApp
  4. Aero WhatsApp

If you are interested in them too you can click on the links above to read more about them.

Last words

This is the complete discussion on Fouad WhatsApp Apk Mod Download Latest Version 2022. Hopefully the information provided in this article will be digested by users as much as possible and allow them to enjoy the benefits of the application. Click on the link below to download Fouad WhatsApp now!

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